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Military Programs

At VHP the “Continue Mission” Program is designed to help physically, mentally and emotionally injured US Veterans and active duty personnel return to the point of health and or capability they had prior to their injuries.  Owner and founder Alex Oliver is a disabled veteran with 21 years of service. Alex "Ollie" has assembled a team at VHP that understands what it takes to recover and remind Veterans of their capabilities.  Because of this Veteran to Veteran approach there is an immediate connection that every Veteran is familiar with.  That camaraderie with someone who truly understands what they have gone through.


At VHP we also work with active duty personnel who are still directly in the fight.  Working through pain, injury and other limitations can hinder their ability to perform at an optimum level.  The Continue Mission Program is designed to help the operator continue serving and create durability and longevity.


“Charlie Mike” stands for Continue Mission. It is a mindset that no matter how tough things get you will not quit.  You will not give up.  The tougher the better and we wore it like a badge of honor.  As American soldiers, our desire to win fed this attitude.  It is engrained into the genetic code of our military’s warriors.  It is a lifestyle. 


For many operators the physical, mental and emotional grind of war is taking its toll.  Not only on the soldier but the families.  VHP is reapplying the Continue Mission mindset to our recovery program.  We are reminding our nation’s finest of this attitude and their capabilities.  The deployments may have ended, but the mission hasn’t. When it comes to reviving the lives of these selfless warriors all of us must have that “Charlie Mike” attitude and Continue Mission!

Our sponsored partners helping VHP and the Continue Mission Program include the Boot Campaign, The Navy SEAL Foundation and the Tug McGraw Foundation.

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