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Virginia High Performance is a fully functional high performance facility with over 12,000 square feet of training, recovery and evaluation space. VHP primary focus is on the Continue Mission Program where we focus on the health and wellness of active duty and retired military members. VHP staff structures all training programs based off of age, gender, skill level, goal and/or sport of the individual athlete with research driven training and scientific principles. We are equipped with state of the art training implements from Sorinex Exercise Equipment, NormaTec Recovery Systems and Game Ready.


Here at Virginia High Performance we have assembled an educated and experienced coaching staff. We are Credentialed Strength and Conditioning Specialists certified by the gold standard in strength & conditioning, the National Strength and Conditioning Association. VHP’s staff has a wide range of experience and education from Old Dominion University, University of West Florida, University of Maryland Baltimore, and Troy University in Alabama. VHP Staff also has a combined 27 years of honorable military service.  VHP is licensed as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

VHP is a beacon for professional development, serving as the first of three locations nationwide chosen by the NSCA to conduct multiple coaches’ course throughout the year.